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Therapeutic Warrior Arts

Traditional Okinawan Shorin-ryu 

Empowerment Self-Defense

Traditional karate to meld your Internal & External Power and help you experience the power of your Mind & Body as one.

A Body-Mind Approach to personal growth,  resilience & healing. New & powerful tools to help you on your personal Hero's Journey.

Awaken your Inner Warrior. Experience the joy of feeling your power, choosing your boundaries & taking control of your path in Life.


Be The Hero You Are Inside

Everything you need to be your best self is already there inside, waiting to be found. All you need are new skills and some new choices for how to see the world and your place in it. Warrior Arts can provide them.

Special Heroes

The "special" in Special Needs does not mean "less than". In fact, the opposite is often true. Children striving & overcoming obstacles (and their families) often have strengths and courage they themselves can not see. Warrior Arts can reveal those inner resources

Survivors Are Victors

Modern neuroscience recognizes that TRAUMA is stored in the Body as well as the Mind. Talk therapies can not always reach and release it. Learning to use the body in a powerful, mindful ways can.


Empowerment Self-Defense: It works!  

Studies prove it!

And so do the hundreds of self-defense success stories that make the news all over the world!

Get In Touch

Jill Baker Shames, MSW

5th Dan, Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate

Certified Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor

Certified Martial Arts Therapist


+972 52 5602296

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